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The All-In-One Sight

The Need: Soldiers on the modern battlefield require sights which facilitate quick action and instinctive accurate shooting ability. With the addition of various technologies, there is a need for advanced optical sights which combine different applications and interact seamlessly without becoming bulky and complex to use.

Users: Military/ Law Enforcement/Civilians

Our Solution: Meprolight proudly presents MEPRO MOR - the only true "all-in-one-sight". Designed according to requirements of the Israeli Special Forces, it combines all of our proven capabilities. MEPRO MOR brings together the benefits of a passive optical sight like the MEPRO M21, an active reflex sight for low light conditions and a dual laser pointers (red laser and/or IR). This unique multi-purpose, multi activated "red-dot" reflex sight with laser pointers, boasts a large 30 mm diameter lens to assure rapid target acquisition and quick shooting with both eyes open, ideal for close quarter combat situations. With its "all-in-one-sight" battle proven capabilities, the MEPRO MOR is the ultimate optical sight in a compact and rugged package.
Passive reflex – always ready for action
Active reflex – extra bright LED dot for special conditions
Red laser pointer for urban or close quarters
IR laser pointer – for covert operations

- "all-in-one-sight" boosts ability while lowering costs by eliminating the need to purchase separate laser andor IR pointer
- Operates under extreme temperature and weather conditions
- Daytime confidence under low-light conditions
- Totally integrated day/night sighting
- Passive self-illuminated system
- Large 30mm diameter lens provides a large FOV for rapid target acqusition and quice shooting in urban areas
- LED for extra bright modes
- Variety of adaptors



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